• Voking f2,8/28 mm

    Voking f2,8/28 mm

  • Voking f1,7/35 mm

    Voking f1,7/35 mm

  • Voking f2,0/50 mm

    Voking f2,0/50 mm

  • Voking f2,8/12 mm

    Voking f2,8/12 mm

  • Voking f3,5/8 mm for DSLR

    Voking f3,5/8 mm for DSLR

  • Voking f3,5/8 mm for mirrorless

    Voking f3,5/8 mm for mirrorless


The Voking lenses 28mm, 35mm and 50mm..

...are highly reminiscent to the lenses of the 1960s. The metal focusing ring looks very similar
to those classic lenses, the distance scale is found within a similar cut-out.

The new super wideangle 12mm and fisheye lenses 8mm open a wide field of application for the users.
Outstanding indoor shots and great panoramic or action shoots will inpire you.

There is a depth of field scale provided and distances are marked in feet and metres.
Focusing is by helical thread, the whole optical unit extending while focussing.
The front element does not rotate, so the use of polarising and graduated filters is possible without problems.

Focussing is manual done by the photographers hand for full personell creativity.

The aperture ring is unusual without click stops (not 12mm and 8mm) and remains closed to the set value.
The focussing has to be done with open aperture, than close to the wanted f-stop to shoot.

Highly polished metal mount, smooth and positive to fix the lens on cameras as well as original lenses.

There are no electronic contacts, so the camera does not know the aperture setting.
Modern cameras normally work fine in manual mode or aperture priority mode and will meter correctly,
if the aperture is stopped down to the desired f-stop before shooting.

Using Voking lenses, the photographer will realize other results than using expensive original lenses.
The pictures will smoothen, show calm colours and lights and will have their own character
because of the depth of field effects with a nice bokeh. Full sharpness is most offered at f 5,6 and less.

Let it surprise and impress you.


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